Why women can't wear men's clothes

Archbishop Averky: Why can not women to wear men's clothes

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Archbishop Averky (Taushev)

QUESTION: Why can not women wearing men's clothes? Is it enough for the prohibition of the authority of Moses, saying: "The woman shall not be men's clothing, as disgusting sight of the Lord thy God to do this thing" (Deut. 22: 5-6)? Should we not consider such a ban outdated?
ANSWER: Such a prohibition has the moral significance, and therefore it can never lose its power. It does not come from Moses, but from God Himself, which gave through Moses His chosen people, His divine laws. Only the God of the Old Testament law has lost its meaning in Christianity that concerned purely ceremonial side, and that was canceled at the Apostolic Council in Jerusalem in '51; but all the moral law of the Old Testament continues to maintain its strength and significance in Christianity.
Assumes, of frivolity, the image of men and women is forbidden in the New Testament. So St. The Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians indicates impropriety for a modest and chaste Christian woman to pray with her head uncovered, and cut their hair (11, 4-15). Each floor is peculiar to his own - each floor its external differences, its appearance and its clothes. In Christianity, it emphasized that the best adornment of a woman is her femininity, purity and chastity. St. Paul explicitly says that women have to walk "in modest apparel, with modesty and sobriety" (1 Tim. 2: 9-10), and communication. The Apostle Peter, referring to women, says: "Whose adorning let it ... the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God" (1 Pet. 3: 3-4).
Would all these instructions the desire of many modern women to take the appearance of a man, thus distorting the natural features of its sex and imitating man in manners and behavior, as is usually done by modern women who love to dress in men's clothes?
On top of all these considerations, we have in the New Testament direct and categorical ban on women to wear men's clothes. 62nd rule of the Sixth Ecumenical Council says:
"... We determine: No odevatsya husband is not in women's clothes, or the wife in clothing typical of her husband ... those who now, knowing this, dare delati any of the foregoing, If ye are clerics commanding izvergati from the sacred rank, ashche the laity, excommunicated from the communion of the church. "
You have to be absolutely devoid of the natural moral sense not to understand and feel how disgusting, morally repulsive spectacle represents a woman masculine cropped in a man's suit dressed, let the smoke from cigarettes, and brutality and swagger of his style tends to imitate the modern secular man. Can someone may not be clear what is really "ugly" not only in the eyes of God, but also in the sight of men, the phenomenon has a morbid product of our moral and unhealthy century, the result of violation of a healthy moral sense and rejection of all natural laws that God Himself inherent in human nature?
Extract from the magazine "Orthodox Russia"
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