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The following list of very strict rules, issued by Archbishop Averky of blessed memory, is still posted in our seminary dormitory. I have posted my very rough dictionary- and Google-assisted translation for general edification, with comments in square brackets.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Theological Seminary

1. The time for getting up and the daily routine are according to the schedule.

2. Attendance at classes, services, and daily meals are all required. If a seminarian is unable for some reason to be present in class or in church, he must report this to the Dean of Students.

3. The presence of seminarians is required without exception at Saturday liturgies and the vigils and liturgies for Sundays and Feast Days. All seminarians should be on kliros [or in the altar] in order to better study the divine services.

4. The behavior of a seminarian in class, in church, in the refectory, and on the street should correspond to his rank [i.e. as clergy].

5. Seminarians are required to come to the general meals in the refectory at 7 a.m., at 12 noon, and 7 p.m. A daily refreshment is permitted at 4 p.m. [Currently we’re only required to attend lunch.] Outside these hours, coming to the kitchen and eating food without permission is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Exceptions are only granted to those who are performing their obediences.

6. Seminarians are required to show respect to the [monastic] brothers, seniors, and each other; to their seniors they must be polite, deferential, and helpful.

7. The clothing of seminarians must always be clean and orderly.

8. Rooms [lit. Келлии, “Cells”] must be kept clean and tidy. Each Saturday the Dean of Students and the senior monitor will carry out an inspection of all rooms. [This is not currently done.]

9. Trash and other refuse should be brought out to the rubbish pit.

10. Conversations must always be with restraint.

11. Noisy walking in the corridors is not tolerated.

12. After 10 p.m. all students must be in their own rooms. Entering someone else’s room after 10 p.m. is PROHIBITED. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. there must be ABSOLUTE QUIET in the rooms and in the corridors.

13. A student may not be absent from seminary without the agreement of the Dean and Dean of Students and the blessing of his spiritual father.

14. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages is absolutely PROHIBITED.

15. Failure to follow the above-mentioned rules will result in punishment according to the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary


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